This is a work in progress list of all the things I learn while washing dishes about washing dishes.

Getting the whole family to wash their own dishes is a great place to start. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Wipe first

Water hand wash

Just like any other collectable, bitcoin’s main feature is that people want to collect it. The other things bitcoin can do are secondary; like an old comic. Collectors don’t buy the comic only to read it; they ascribe some value in having it — in collecting it.

For the last four years, I’ve slowly been removing and reducing my personal digital data. I used to be into lifelogging and was constantly signing up for new tools. At work, I found new ways to create and push content. More Data was always good.

I was a content pusher

Read these pairs and consider “who am I and who are you”. Sometimes our lives are best seen in contrast.

Singapore just finished an election cycle. This was the first time I could vote as a new Citizen. I was proud, disappointed, surprised and entertained.

Learning another language (even for children) is a massive investment of time and money (and not as easy as certain apps claim…). Only invest the effort when necessary or with strong personal interest. And keep in mind, technology will likely make it arbitrary, soon-ish.

Languages can be all kinds of things…

Starting a company and getting it to the point where it can be sold isn’t easy. The few founders and their teams who do accomplish this each year have accomplished it in a manner that by definition isn’t easily to replicate (If it was easy to replicate, no one would buy your business — they would just copy it.).

Like all things, it’s relative. Here I do a simple comparison with Hong Kong and plan to add other countries, regions and policy info.

Connor Clark-Lindh

Duct Tape

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