Who are you? Who am I?

You spend an hour each day working out at the gym.

I mop the floors every night.

You spend much more than an hour each day liking and commenting on your social feed. Sharing and commenting.

I write an article, work on a book, practice sketching or write in my journal.

You spend an hour in line waiting to get into that new, hot spot that everyone is raving.

I steam veggies and rice and eat at home.

You spend an hour watching Netflix to wind down. And then end up watching 6 hours on binge.

I sleep by 10:30PM.

You sit with your family at dinner, captive in your phones.

I sit with my family and talk.

You make sure to get your mindfulness/meditation time in and then work till midnight on that important report.

I work till midnight if needed and make up the sleep another day.

You blame your irritation and bad behaviour on your lack of sleep, crazy work schedule or other external factor.

I accept that I was terrible, apologise and work to be better next time.

You push yourself to work harder to earn enough to get a maid or cleaner.

I work enough and clean up after myself.

You get a tutor for your kids to make sure they always get straight As. Then you wonder why school is so boring for them.

I wait for my kids to fail and then help them overcome. School is always challenging for them.

You ignore the people around you keeping to your private self.

I say good morning and hello to the people around me.

You buy insurance policies and savings linked plans to cover every possible outcome and save for the future.

I have enhanced medisave and life insurance. I may get critical illness coverage. I spend what I can and save what I need.

You spend a lot of your time building passive income streams.

I spend time with myself and family. Passive income isn’t worth it if I have to sacrifice my family time first.

You complain that the government doesn’t give you enough.

I’m grateful for what the government provides.

You read something online and respond with angry comments. After all, it’s anonymous.

I don’t comment. If I believe strongly about a topic, I’ll write my own article and provide my own supporting logic and research.

You can’t undersand why bad things happen to you.

I expect bad things will happen and try to understand the context.

People with different political views frustrate you. How could anyone believe that!?

I wonder about the motivation and incentives behind each opinion and what might give them pause. Mostly I ignore them.

You think that the ends justify the means.

I think that any means which hurt, cheat or steal from people never justify the ends.

You can’t think of a time you have been wrong or a serious mistake you have made (or you won’t admit it).

I can’t keep track of all the horrible mistakes I’ve made in my life. The people I regret hurting and the problems I have caused.

You read lots of news every day. Trying to be “in the know” about current events.

I ignore the news.

Your life is a constant struggle to get more of what you think you deserve.

My life is a struggle to do better each day.

You are concerned about your bucket list and stressed that you may not get to see the 50 “must see bucket list life experiences” before you die.

My bucket list is to live each day without regret so if I was to die, I would do so happily.

You desperately want to write a book yet spend the writing time drinking beer/wine and complaining to your friends how little time you have.

I write a paragraph or a few sentences a night before bed.

You see the world as full of limited options. You have to fight to get your share.

I see the world full of limitless potential. Through helping others, we can create more for everyone.

You run your business trying to extract as much value as you can from each customer.

I run my business trying to create more value for each customer.

You play the stock market, hoping for a big win.

I ignore the stock market, knowing that it’s just a playground for the wealthy.

You constantly strive for more.

I try to find ways to make due with less.

You say you are always unhappy and angry.

I’m content with my life.

You ask me to help.

I wonder how I can. For some things, you can only help yourself.

We are Choices

Same life, same time. Different choices. Life is perception. What we give value determines what we spend time on which influences value and so on. We can easily lock ourselves into cycles.

Sometimes the best way to break out of a cycle (or rut) is simply to consider the alternatives.

Parting questions

Who are you and who am I? Sometimes you may be me and I may be you…

Who should I be and who should you be?

Who can we be?

Who do we want to be?




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