[WiP] Build for Humans

I’ve wanted to write about all the frustrating things I see that actually harm people. I’d thought of writing it about designing apps for older people, but I realized that it’s not just old people. These design failures are bad for everyone who hasn’t done it all before. I use humans to refer to people who aren’t ‘in the know’ about how the thing works.

Hidden menus

Assumed knowledge

Abstract Icons and Acronyms

No single step actions

Forgotten purpose


Wouldn’t it be better for the service to simply save your work into a local file that gets refreshed each time you visit the site? Then your files are as secure as your desktop. This is likely a horrible example but there is a complete lack of new ideas in this space. Everything is social media login or 2 factor or email link. Can’t we innovate around no login required?

Pretty, Non-Functional Images

Design for Failure

Duct Tape